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Welcome to Sphinx-FlashDesign
Webdesign & Frontend
I am always looking for new techniques on the internet. Tailwind, React.js, Vue.js, Mobile First, Responsive Designs, One Pages, Parallax Effects, SASS & more are part of my repertoire.
You are unique. And this is how your company should be perceived. The corporate identity makes up everything you show yourself to the outside and inside: your logo, the typography of your communication, uniform grids, images and your entire color scheme.
Development & CMS
I am a programmer at heart. Whether you need a native PHP or Javascript developer, or need assistance with Wordpress, Laravel, jQuery or others, you have come to the right place.
Website Roadmap
This is the roadmap for the completed website
At the beginning of a project there is of course the conception phase.
In this we record the wishes of our customers & brainstorm about the best individual solution there is.
In this phase of the project, the design of the website is implemented with constant feedback from you.
All the functions discussed previously are implemented in this phase.
This is actually the last step to get the project ready to go.
At the end of the project, it is checked for any functions and errors.
If something does not quite fit here, these things will of course be corrected.
Done! You now have a high-quality website that can represent your company perfectly.
A current project
Customer project: RESQ Data & Repair

Here you can see a picture of the new RESQ Repair website. You will see the new website on the right. It was designed by my partner creartix design studio, developed by me and is now optimized!

  • Customer portal
  • Order management
  • Communication with the customer
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